Are you planning a clean-out, build, or renovation project at your home or business site in the near future? Are you wondering what you’ll do with all the debris, trash, or junk that will result from the project?

If you don’t want to make multiple trips to the dump and cause a mess at your job site or your home, you should consider dumpsters or trash bins for rent. Dumpsters help you keep your area safe and tidy while also making removal of trash convenient and environmentally-friendly. However, if you’ve not rented one before, you may be wondering what the size options are.

Here is your guide to selecting the right size and type of trash bins for rent.

12 Yard Dumpsters

If you have a relatively small job, you can consider a 12 yard dumpster—usually the smallest size of dumpsters available for rental. A 12-yard unit measures 16 feet long by eight feed wide and three and a half feet tall. It can hold about six pickup truck loads of materials—or 12 cubic yards. The max weight of what you can put into a 12 yard dumpster is one ton. This size of dumpster is usually adequate for small projects like cleaning out a couple of rooms in your home or to remove some heavy materials like dirt, concrete, or brick from you landscaping.

20 Yard Dumpsters

If you’ve got a medium-sized clean-up job, you might want to get a 20 yard unit. Measuring 22 feet long by eight feet wide and three and a half feet tall, these units can hold 20 cubic yards—or around eight pickup loads—of materials. The weight limit on a 20 yard dumpster is two tons. A unit of this size is ideal if you are undergoing a remodeling project like a kitchen update, are moving out of your home, or if you are doing a deck tear-out.

30 Yard Dumpsters

Large waste management jobs call for 30 yard dumpsters. These units are 22 feet long by eight feed wide and six feet tall. They can hold up to 30 cubic yards—or 12 pickup loads—of material and have a weight limit of ten tons. Keep in mind that pricing usually starts at three tons and you may have to pay more to put more than this in the dumpster even though it can technically handle an additional seven tons.

40 Yard Dumpsters

The largest projects—such as big construction jobs, home demolition, and clean-outs of large houses or office buildings—require a 40 yard dumpster. Measuring 22 feet long by eight feet wide and eight feet tall, these large units can hold 16 pickup truck loads (40 cubic yards) of material and have a max weight limit of 10 tons with four of those tons usually included in the price.

Choosing the Best Trash Bins for Rent

When you’re ready to start on your remodeling, clean-out, or landscaping job, consider trash bins for rent to make the project easier and ensure your area is kept tidy and safe. Choose a locally owned dumpster company to help you with all your trash removal needs.

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