Boston, a city brimming with history, culture, and a wealth of things to do with kids, stands out as an exceptional destination for families seeking both entertainment and education. This guide delves into the myriad of things to do in Boston with kids, offering a blend of engaging and informative experiences that cater to young minds eager to explore. From the historical landmarks that dot the city to the interactive museums designed with curious children in mind, Boston is a treasure trove of activities that promise to enrich and entertain. Whether you’re planning a day out or an extended stay, you’ll find no shortage of things to do in Boston with kids, making every visit a new opportunity to learn, laugh, and make lasting memories.

The Freedom Trail: A Walk Through History

Imagine taking a step back in time, where every cobblestone and corner tells a story of bravery, struggle, and the birth of a nation. The Freedom Trail is not merely a path but a living history lesson sprawled across Boston’s landscape. As you follow the red line, you’ll encounter sites like the Old North Church, where lanterns once signaled the British approach, and the USS Constitution, a testament to America’s naval resilience. Engage your kids with tales of the American Revolution, perhaps through the eyes of a child their age living during those tumultuous times. The Freedom Trail isn’t just about the past; it’s a gateway to understanding the foundations of our present.

Things to Do in Boston with Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Fun and Educational Activities

The Boston Children’s Museum: Learning Through Play

Step into a world where play and learning intersect in the most delightful ways at the Boston Children’s Museum. This isn’t just any museum; it’s a playground for the mind, designed to foster curiosity, creativity, and a love for exploration. From climbing a three-story structure made entirely of recycled materials to exploring a bubble-making laboratory, the museum offers endless opportunities for hands-on learning. Engage with cultures from around the globe in the World’s Market exhibit, or delve into the fascinating world of science in the Investigate! section. It’s a place where children can lead the way, discovering new passions and interests through the power of play.

The New England Aquarium: Marine Adventures Await

Dive into an underwater odyssey at the New England Aquarium, where the ocean’s most mysterious inhabitants are just a glass pane away. Marvel at the graceful ballet of sea turtles and stingrays in the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-story coral reef ecosystem teeming with life. The aquarium is not just about observation; it’s an immersive educational journey. Participate in interactive sessions where kids can touch and learn about sea stars, crabs, and other marine creatures. The penguin exhibit, always a crowd-pleaser, offers insights into the lives of these charming birds, while the Atlantic harbor seals provide a glimpse into the aquatic life native to Boston’s shores.

Things to Do in Boston with Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Fun and Educational Activities

Boston Public Garden: Nature’s Classroom

The Boston Public Garden, an oasis amidst the city’s hustle, is not only a place of beauty but also a living classroom for children and adults alike. Established in 1837, this botanical garden offers an educational journey through its meticulously maintained flora, providing a peaceful retreat for families. Engage your children’s senses by exploring the diverse plant life, from exotic trees to the vibrant tulip beds that bloom in spring. The Swan Boats, operating since the 1870s, offer a gentle ride across the lagoon, giving families a unique perspective of the garden and an opportunity to spot ducks and other wildlife. The “Make Way for Ducklings” statues, based on the famous children’s book, serve as a perfect teaching moment about literature and local wildlife conservation efforts.

The Museum of Science: Inspiring Future Innovators

At the Museum of Science, the future meets the present, sparking curiosity and imagination in young minds. This museum is a beacon for budding scientists and engineers, offering more than 700 interactive exhibits that cover everything from dinosaurs and space travel to human biology and the latest in green technology. The museum not only educates but inspires, with its state-of-the-art planetarium shows and lightning storm demonstrations in the Theater of Electricity. Children can witness firsthand the wonders of science and technology, fostering a lifelong passion for discovery and innovation. The museum’s emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking equips young visitors with the tools to become tomorrow’s innovators.

Seasonal Activities: Boston Year-Round

Boston’s ever-changing seasons bring new adventures and activities for families to enjoy throughout the year. In winter, the Boston Common Frog Pond transforms into a magical ice-skating rink, offering family fun against the backdrop of the city’s historic landscape. Spring welcomes the bloom of cherry blossoms at the Esplanade, a perfect setting for leisurely walks and picnics. Summer invites families to venture to the Boston Harbor Islands, accessible by ferry, for hiking, swimming, and exploring historic sites. Fall in Boston is a spectacle of colors, with the city’s parks and gardens offering a dazzling display of autumn foliage. Seasonal festivals, such as the Boston Arts Festival and the Head of the Charles Regatta, provide unique cultural and educational experiences that celebrate the spirit of the city.


Boston is a city where history, science, and nature converge to offer a myriad of things to do in Boston with kids. It’s a place where every visit becomes an opportunity for learning and adventure, making it an ideal destination for families looking to enrich their children’s understanding of the world. From the historical landmarks along the Freedom Trail to the interactive exhibits at the Museum of Science, the things to do in Boston with kids are not only fun but are gateways to sparking lifelong interests. The city’s diverse seasons further enrich the array of activities, ensuring that there are always new things to do in Boston with kids, regardless of the time of year. By choosing to explore Boston, parents can provide their children with invaluable experiences that educate, inspire, and entertain. So, embark on a journey to Boston, where the educational adventures and family memories await at every corner.

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