There are things in the home that are used every day, such as garage doors, and accordingly, they need to be properly maintained because it is a large machinery, so that they last as long as possible. Therefore, this list contains tips for adequate maintenance and items to pay attention to so that the garage door will work for a long time without any problems.

Bigger problems are prevented

Just because garage doors are huge and have a large electronic system that raises and lowers them, they are very susceptible to damage. Repairs, which can be systemic and physical, are very expensive, and that is another reason why they should be addressed before a major failure occurs. If the garage door does not open automatically, then it is a sign that there is a problem with the engine, drive chain, and other parts that make up the entire system. The good thing is that Aluzinc garage door repairs in Cape Town can quickly and efficiently solve the problem that has arisen. Minor interventions such as checking the garage door from time to time are sometimes enough to notice that there is a problem to be able to react in time.


The home should be the one that will be a haven for all its members who live in it, and mistakes that can occur on the garage door can cause a bad situation for the safety of those members. Garage doors are provided with a series of safety items that are important to prevent mistakes from happening. Security mechanisms do not allow the door to be opened from the front without the use of a remote control or a key, which prevents possible theft and break-ins. The door must be well balanced so that it does not cause it to drop suddenly or the spring to break. Many garage doors have photocells that emit an invisible beam of light, and if it is interrupted by someone entering, the garage door will automatically stop to prevent it from closing while someone is under it. Therefore, it is important to check whether these security items and mechanisms are in order.

Extends life span

Nothing can last forever, including garage doors, but with temporary response and regular maintenance, they can last significantly longer than they would otherwise, and even dozens of times. The door needs to be lubricated from time to time; this helps prevent the door from becoming difficult to open and close and will allow it to work smoothly. Regular lubrication of the garage door can also prevent the door from wearing out. If you notice somewhere that water is leaking and getting to the electronics, you should also react immediately and solve the problem. Detecting problems, solving them, and maintaining them on time are key items for the door to react without any problems to enable it to work as long as possible and remain a part of the home for a long time.

Noise reduction

One of the easiest signs that something is wrong or that an error is occurring is precisely the sound and noise that can occur. Parts of the mechanics dry out over time and still work every day, and that is why it is important to lubricate them regularly so that the mechanism with the drive chain can work without any problems. All owners believe that the noise and screeching are harmless and do not represent a big problem, but in fact, it is the beginning of a problem that, if not repaired, can easily cause damage. Noise and screeching can be very annoying, not only to the members of the family who live in that home but also to the neighbors, who may file a complaint if the problem is not rectified.

Nice look 

Many malfunctions that can occur are also caused by dirt and deposits that can apply many layers to the mechanics and slow down their operation. Also, a large amount of dust dries out the drive chain, and it is not enough just to lubricate it with oil if there is a large amount of dust on it. The garage door is a big part of the image of the family that lives in it and represents it in some way, so it is necessary to take care of it regularly. Cleaning the garage door is also a good part of maintaining it, and it’s just important that when applying water, you avoid the electronic part that allows the door to open and close so that it doesn’t malfunction.

The Importance of Regular Garage Door Maintenance

Property value

The price of the home includes its entire condition, and the garage door is the part that every buyer will pay special attention to, as well as the most visible part of the house. If the day comes when someone wants to sell their home, an old and worn garage door whose operation is slow and irregular will significantly reduce the price of the house because it will be clear to every buyer that it will represent an additional investment. Maintaining the garage door will lead to the fact that there is no failure and the need for the future owner to replace it, which, in their eyes, will make the house more valuable and offer a better price.

Saving time

Time is something that is valued, and with the daily arrival and departure from the house, a slow and unmaintained door will take a few minutes more to get out of it. This difference in time does not seem significant, but when it is taken into account on a monthly and annual basis, it will be seen that that time could have been spent in a much better way and that repairing the doors and their maintenance will actually be profitable.

Saving money and time, ensuring safety, and increasing property value are just some of the benefits that can occur with regular garage door maintenance. This list indicates exactly those benefits that can be solved in such a simple way, and in addition to preventing malfunctions, they also lead to the prevention of headaches that may follow.

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