Patrick Bateman, the infamous American Psycho, is known for his love of high-end skin care products. In one scene in the movie, he can be seen meticulously washing his face with a Clarisonic Mia 2. While you may not want to emulate all of Bateman’s murderous habits, you can learn a lot from his approach to skincare. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 lessons that you can learn from Patrick Bateman’s skin care routine!

#1 – Treat Puffy Face with an Ice Pack

For those looking to treat puffy face, one of the most popular solutions is an ice pack. Taking a cue from Patrick Bateman’s legendary skin care routine, you can apply a cold compress like an ice pack on your face for 15 minutes every night before bed.

Doing this not only helps reduce puffiness, but also decreases inflammation and tightens your skin, leaving you with a fresh and smooth texture. As with any self-care routine, others may have different ideas on what works best for them. Experiment and find out what works for you in order to get the desired results!

#2 – Use a Cleanser Before Anything Else

Patrick Bateman may have made a name for himself in American Psycho, but his infamous skin care routine is still something that many people adopt to keep their complexion looking young and healthy. His routine typically starts with patting your face dry before applying a cleanser. Cleansers are an essential step in any skincare regimen and should be used before anything else to remove dirt, debris, and makeup from your skin’s surface.

There is a wide variety of cleansers available such as gels, oils, micellar waters; some are even formulated to suit specific skin types like sensitive or acne-prone skins. Before starting Patrick Bateman’s elite skincare routine, always apply a cleanser for silkier, smoother skin that is free from impurities.

5 Homegrown Lessons From Patrick Bateman’s Skin Care Routine

#3 – Exfoliate Daily

Exfoliating daily is an important part of Patrick Bateman skin care routine. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and rejuvenates your complexion. This can improve circulation, reduce wrinkles, and help clear up acne. Not only does exfoliating on a daily basis leave your skin fresh and glowing, but it also helps get rid of excess oils that contribute to breakouts.

In order to enjoy radiant, youthful looking skin, implementing a regular exfoliation routine is a must. With consistent exfoliation, you’ll see your complexion transformed into healthy, glowing perfection in no time!

#4 – Opt for Products with Little Alcohol or No Alcohol at All

Patrick Bateman was famed for his strict skin care routine, and now with the rising popularity of no alcohol skincare products, you too can sport a patrick bateman-style complexion without any of the risk. It’s known that some traditional skin care products contain significant amounts of alcohol, drying out the delicate facial skin.

By opting for new products with little to no alcohol content, your skin will be hydrated, renewed and protected in a much healthier way. This is especially important when it comes to your daily face wash, as it’s essential to keep your face refreshed and clean but not dried or irritated. Taking the extra time and money to hunt down products boasting minimal alcohol content can greatly benefit your facial health in the long term.

#5 – Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

If you’re looking to upgrade your skin care routine, you can’t go wrong by taking a page out of Patrick Bateman’s book and moisturizing, moisturizing, and then moisturizing some more! In the pursuit of flawless skin, applying a good, quality moisturizer is truly one of the most important steps.

Not only does it help protect your skin from environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution, but it also locks in hydration which boosts overall elasticity and firmness. That means less wrinkles, smoother complexion overall, and improved collagen production. So don’t be intimidated by all the fancy ingredients—just pat on an ample amount of moisturizer morning and night for softer, healthier looking skin that’s sure to turn some heads!

What is Patrick Bateman Morning Routine?

Patrick Bateman’s morning routine is an elaborated and meticulous affair. He begins his day by getting up around 7AM and taking time to apply the patrick bateman skin care routine. A process of cleansing, toning, serums and moisturizing help redefine his appearance and ensure that his skin looks impeccable throughout the day ahead.

After this he spends no less than fifty minutes on a rigorous fitness regime to tone his muscles before finally sitting down for breakfast. Breakfast is always consumed with a mineral water, sticking to the strict dietary guidelines he has defined for himself as part of his strategy for physical well-being.

His routine also incorporates various exercises for maintaining good mental health such as positive affirmations and mindfulness meditation – finishing off with some long overdue stress relief in the shower! Such is Patrick Bateman’s daily ritual – a never ending pursuit to stay looking good and feeling great!

5 Homegrown Lessons From Patrick Bateman’s Skin Care Routine


Though we may not all have the same skin care routine as Patrick Bateman, we can all learn a thing or two from him. His meticulousness and knowledge of ingredients is impressive, to say the least. By taking some time to learn about what works best for our skin and being mindful of the products we use, we can improve our skin health significantly. Who knows, with enough effort, maybe we can even achieve Patrick Bateman-level results.

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