It can be difficult to tell if someone has low self-esteem. After all, people are often good at hiding their insecurities. However, there are some signs that may indicate that a man has low self-esteem.

In this article, we will discuss of the most common signs of low self esteem in a man. If you notice that your partner or loved one displays any of these behaviors, it may be time to offer them some support and help them work on building up their self-confidence!

9 Signs of Low Self Esteem in a Man

Having low self-esteem can have a significant impact on how we live our lives. Men, in particular, tend to struggle with feeling inadequate or “less than” due to societal pressure and expectations of masculinity. Despite common misconceptions, men can suffer from low self-esteem for a variety of reasons just like anyone else.

Though it’s important to remember that everyone experiences these feelings differently, here are 9 warning signs that you may be struggling with your own sense of self-worth:

#1 – He’s always putting himself down

Low self esteem can lead a person to doubt themselves and the decisions they make. This can be especially true for the man who constantly puts himself down. His inability to see himself as a capable individual often leads him to focus on his mistakes and weaknesses, unable to recognize even his greatest accomplishments.

Low self-esteem can also lead him to make counterproductive decisions, resulting in poor outcomes he will likely beat himself up over later. It is important that he take the time to appreciate himself and realize that with hard work and consistency of effort, success is possible no matter what obstacles are presented. Doing this could be key in helping him start viewing himself differently and achieve his goals.

9 Signs That Show a Man Has Low Self Esteem

#2 – He’s overly critical of others

Low self esteem can sometimes lead a person to exhibit overly critical behavior toward others. An excessive need for control and perfectionism can be symptoms of this type of behavior, resulting in the individual being unbelievably harsh with those around him. It’s important to understand that this is often a sign of an underlying problem, rather than something malicious, or intentional. Offering kindness and empathy to someone with these traits could help them develop better coping mechanisms and a more positive outlook on life.

#3 – He has difficulty accepting compliments

Low self esteem can make it difficult for a man to accept compliments. He may shy away from praise, feel uncomfortable with too much attention, or be overwhelmed by words of encouragement. It’s natural for him to second guess himself, worrying that good intentions are insincere or undeserved. If someone affirms him, his instinct is to deflect or downplay their kindness rather than soak it up.

Any compliments he hears fade quickly in the face of his relentless self-criticism and a lifetime of feeling unsteady in his own skin. Furthermore, accepting compliments may mean letting go of deeply held beliefs about not being worthy or capable of success; making such changes can take a lot of courage and dedication.

#4 – He is always comparing himself to others

Low self esteem can take a huge toll on someone’s life, and this is especially true for this man. He struggles to come face to face with the truth that he doesn’t compare favorably to others in various areas: career achievements, relationships, or accomplishments. Every day he looks around at others and wonders why it is that they seem to have it all when he cannot even get close.

It is hard for him to accept who he is when there always seems like someone else who has done more and achieved greater things. Sure, there may be times when he does well but his focus stays on the amount of small failures as opposed to celebrating the occasional successes; continually comparing himself only breeds discouragement. Low self esteem can be hard on anyone, and this man must take steps to build himself up so he can be content with who he is regardless of those around him.

9 Signs That Show a Man Has Low Self Esteem

#5 – He lacks confidence in his abilities

Low self esteem is often a difficult issue to overcome for some people; this man is no different. Despite his best efforts, he can’t seem to shake off the feeling of inadequacy. He’s always questioning himself and the choices he makes, believing nothing he does could ever be good enough. More troubling yet is the fact that, because of his low confidence in his own abilities, he’ll avoid taking on high-stakes challenges or tasks that could potentially have a big payoff if successful. Low self esteem can be paralyzing, preventing him from reaching his full potential unless something inside him changes and grants him newfound belief in himself.

#6 – He is afraid to take risks

Low self-esteem can cause a person to be particularly timid when it comes to taking risks, which is something that afflicts many people in today’s world. For an individual with low self-esteem, the potential for failure or embarrassment associated with risks seems unbearable, so those risky activities are avoided altogether.

This lack of risk-taking can lead to an unfulfilled life; without taking chances, an individual may miss out on exciting new experiences and even opportunities for their own personal growth. Low self-esteem does not have to mean never wanting to take risks – with the help of therapy and developing healthy coping mechanisms, a person can come to terms with their fears and see the value in pushing their boundaries.

#7 – He’s always seeking approval from others

For a man who is always seeking approval from others, it can be an especially defeating situation. On one hand, he will never feel as though he is good enough – no matter the amount of compliments or congratulations that come his way. On the other hand, he may feel like these expectations are impossible to meet and thus give up entirely on the pursuit of relief from his eagerness for approval. Low self esteem in this very circumstance can control lives if not properly addressed and managed in a healthy manner.

9 Signs That Show a Man Has Low Self Esteem

#8 – He’s indecisive

A low self esteem man is often indecisive and unable to come to a firm decision about what is best for them. This can be incredibly damaging in the long run, as decisions should be made with confidence and competence. In addition, trying to make decisions when being indecisive unfortunately leads to poor results; this can further hamper low self esteem man’s ability to trust themselves, as they come to understand that they are not making decisions in their best interest or obtaining favorable results. A low self esteem man needs to find a way to regain their confidence and courage in order to make wise decisions with conviction.

#9 – He is quick to anger or become defensive

Low self esteem can lead to a person being quick to anger and becoming overly defensive. This is often seen in people who feel insecure and are reacting out of fear that they will be exposed or vulnerable. It’s important to address the underlying issues causing this kind of behavior rather than simply trying to manage it without understanding why it’s happening in the first place.

Low self esteem can manifest itself in many forms, from acting out aggression towards others to withdrawing from meaningful relationships – both things that can really hurt those around him and make him more isolated. Sitting down for an honest conversation about how he feels and exploring his true motivations can help him begin the journey of building a more positive self-image, which should start showing up as less anger and defensiveness over time.

9 Signs That Show a Man Has Low Self Esteem

What Causes Low Self Esteem in a Man?

Low self esteem in men can be caused by a variety of reasons. Factors such as difficult childhood experiences, gender norms and expectations, negative relationships, overexposure to mass media, and the comparison of themselves with the unattainable standard of perfection all play a part in developing a man’s self-worth.

Low self esteem does not always stem from any one of these sources alone; for example, some may display low self-esteem due to a pattern of unrealistic expectations that society has placed upon them and perpetuated by the media. Regardless of its roots, low self esteem can prevent people from feeling secure and attaining success both in their personal relationships as well as their career.

If a man is affected by low self esteem, it is important for him to seek support from supportive friends or professionals in order to overcome these thoughts and work towards forming positive opinions about himself.

How Do Men Overcome Low Self Esteem?

Overcoming low self-esteem can be challenging for anyone, men included. While men tend to hide their pain more than women between a mix of stoicism and masculinity, it is important to recognize that it is possible to both acknowledge and manage these underlying issue in order to move forward.

For example, men who are suffering from low self-esteem must first understand that personal beliefs don’t define them and accept their own self-worth. With this newfound understanding, they then must commit to actively replacing negative thoughts with constructive ones in an effort to gain confidence.

Additionally, men should look into making healthier choices such as treating your body better by exercising regularly and eating healthier foods which further bolsters both the body and mind. Once they have developed this general regimen while also confronting any deeper issues potentially causing the low self-esteem, it will open up a new door of opportunities for growth and greater education on the topic at hand.


If you are dating someone or in a relationship with a man who displays any of the signs we’ve mentioned, it might be time to have a serious conversation about his self-esteem. It’s not always easy to boost someone else’s self-esteem, but it can be done with patience and care. Start by being supportive and positive yourself, and then offer concrete suggestions for how he can work on improving his self-image.

With time and effort, your loved one should start seeing improvements in his self-esteem – and that will benefit both of you in the long run. Do you know someone who suffers from low self esteem? What have you found helpful in terms of boosting their confidence?

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