When planning a visit to the enchanting city of Savannah, Georgia, the question “Is Savannah, Georgia safe?” often surfaces among prospective tourists. This historic city, famed for its picturesque Spanish moss-covered trees, cobblestone streets, and rich tapestry of American history, invites travelers from all over the world. Yet, the concern “Is Savannah, Georgia safe?” is a common and valid consideration for anyone looking to explore a new destination. Savannah’s allure is undeniable, from its architectural marvels to its vibrant cultural scene, but understanding the nuances of safety is crucial. This guide is dedicated to addressing the question “Is Savannah, Georgia safe?” providing tourists with essential insights and tips to navigate the city confidently and safely. By exploring the reality behind safety concerns and offering practical advice, we aim to ensure that visitors can fully enjoy the charm and beauty of Savannah without undue worry.

Understanding Safety in Savannah

Savannah, like any urban area, presents a spectrum of safety challenges and considerations. The city’s overall crime rate, which includes both violent and property crimes, can be a point of concern for potential visitors. However, it’s essential to dissect these statistics to understand their impact on tourists. The majority of incidents reported are concentrated in specific areas outside the main tourist hubs and often involve property crimes such as burglary and auto theft, rather than violent crime. Importantly, the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department has implemented robust measures to enhance safety in key tourist areas, including increased patrols and community policing initiatives. These efforts have significantly mitigated risks for visitors, ensuring that Savannah’s historic squares, parks, and museums remain welcoming and secure.

Is Savannah, Georgia Safe for Tourists? Insights and Tips

Areas of Savannah: Where to Stay and Explore

When planning a visit to Savannah, choosing the right area to stay and explore is paramount for a safe and enjoyable experience. The Historic District, with its cobblestone streets and majestic live oaks draped in Spanish moss, is not only the heart of Savannah’s tourist activity but also among its safest areas. This district, along with the adjacent Victorian District and select areas of Midtown, offers a plethora of accommodations, from charming bed-and-breakfasts to luxury hotels, all situated within walking distance of the city’s most celebrated attractions. These neighborhoods are characterized by their active community presence, well-lit streets, and accessible public spaces, making them ideal for tourists. For those venturing beyond these areas, it’s advisable to stay informed about your surroundings and consider transportation options for returning to your accommodation, especially in the evenings.

Safety Tips for Savannah Tourists

Ensuring a safe visit to Savannah extends beyond awareness of the areas to explore. Here are enhanced safety tips for tourists:

  • Be Smart About Personal Security: Always keep your belongings in sight and avoid displaying valuables openly, such as expensive jewelry or electronics, which could attract unwanted attention.
  • Travel in Groups at Night: There’s safety in numbers. When exploring the city’s nightlife, do so with friends or family.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with local news and any advisories from the Savannah Police Department or your embassy, particularly regarding areas to avoid.
  • Local Knowledge is Key: Engage with your hotel staff or local guides to get insider tips on navigating the city safely. They can provide valuable advice on the best times to visit certain attractions and areas that are best avoided after dark.
Is Savannah, Georgia Safe for Tourists? Insights and Tips

Emergency Services and Resources in Savannah

In the unlikely event that tourists find themselves in need of emergency services while in Savannah, it’s crucial to be prepared with the right information. For immediate emergencies, dialing 911 connects callers with police, fire, and ambulance services. For non-emergency situations, such as reporting a minor theft or seeking assistance, the Savannah Police Department’s non-emergency line is a valuable resource. Tourists should also note the locations of the nearest hospitals and clinics to their accommodations. Memorial University Medical Center and St. Joseph’s/Candler are two major hospitals serving the Savannah area, both equipped to handle a range of medical needs.

Additionally, Savannah offers various tourist assistance programs, including the Visitor Information Center on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, where guests can find maps, brochures, and a wealth of information on staying safe while enjoying the city. The center also provides advice on reputable tour operators and transportation services, ensuring visitors can explore Savannah with confidence.

Experiencing Savannah Safely: A Tourist’s Guide

Savannah’s charm is best experienced through its diverse range of activities and attractions that cater to all interests while prioritizing safety. For history enthusiasts, guided walking tours of the Historic District offer a deep dive into Savannah’s past, led by knowledgeable guides who ensure a safe and engaging experience. Art lovers will find solace and inspiration in the Telfair Museums, where the beauty of art meets security and comfort.

For those looking to explore Savannah’s natural beauty, a day trip to Tybee Island provides a serene escape, with clear guidelines and patrols ensuring the safety of beachgoers. Evening brings its own magic to Savannah, with ghost tours that explore the city’s haunted history in a group setting, adding a layer of safety to the thrilling experience.

Dining in Savannah is a delight, with numerous restaurants offering Southern cuisine in safe and welcoming environments. Many establishments are located within the main tourist areas, ensuring that guests can enjoy their meals and return to their accommodations without concern.


Savannah, Georgia, stands as a testament to the beauty and resilience of the South, inviting tourists to explore its rich history, art, and culture. By taking sensible precautions and making use of the resources and tips provided in this guide, visitors can navigate Savannah safely, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the experience without undue worry. Savannah’s warm embrace is felt not only through its historic charm and scenic beauty but also through the measures taken to ensure the safety and well-being of every visitor. With an open heart and a spirit of adventure, tourists can discover the true essence of Savannah, creating memories that will last a lifetime and a longing to return to this enchanting city.

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