There’s a big difference between boys and men. And no, it has nothing to do with age. Boys are immature and unorganized, while men are mature and able to take care of themselves. If you want to be a grounded man, you have to ditch the bad habits that hold you back and adopt some new ones. In this article, we will discuss eight habits that separate boys from grounded men!

#1 – Boys Act on Feelings. Men Act on Vision

Boys often act on feelings rather than logic, making snap decisions based on emotion alone. While this can be beneficial in some cases, it can also lead to rash and hasty judgments. By contrast, grounded men have a vision for the future that helps them make decisions with more deliberation and thoughtfulness.

Separating boys from men involves looking beyond sentiment alone and developing a clearer perspective on goals and the sometimes arduous process of reaching them. Far from being rigidly focused, mature decision-making takes into account numerous factors both large and small when weighing options for progress. Going beyond antiquated notions of what defines masculinity is key for any man wanting to truly emerge into adulthood.

#2 – Boys Waste their Mental Energy. Men Preserve It

Separating boys from grounded men is crucial when discussing how they each manage their mental energy. Boys sometimes seem to waste their brainpower, pursuing only temporary and immediate satisfaction, while men show more initiative in preserving it for long-term success and growth. Boys may be easily distracted or swayed by emotions, while men can stay focused with a clear goal in mind.

Even during moments of uncertainty, boys often lack the foresight to see beyond the moment and take proactive steps to secure a better future – an action that far surpasses those of boys who are always living in the now. Through the well-managed use of mental vitality, men have an unmistakable advantage over boys in terms of productivity and achieving greater things.

#3 – Boys Abuse Their Bodies. Men Weaponize Their Bodies

Too often we overlook the transition from boy to man, between those formative teenage years and the more mature adulthood. Boys often tend to abuse their bodies, engaging in risky behaviors that can cause lasting physical, mental and emotional damage. There is a vast difference between boys and grounded men; it’s a shift from impulsivity and recklessness to calculated thoughts – where one weighs the risks along with potential benefits of developing habits such as substance use or working out too hard.

Instead of abusing their bodies, wise men learn how to weaponize them for success – using strength training to boost confidence, for example. Separating boys from grounded men gives us insight into this journey of self-discovery in which growth occurs due to embracing life’s challenges rather than running away from them.

8 Habits that Separate Boys from Grounded Men

#4 – Boys Value Entertainment. Men Value Knowledge and Wisdom 

Boys and men hold separate values as they mature. In youth, boys frequently look to entertainment such as sports, video games, and movies as ways of finding joy and fulfillment. Older men have a greater appreciation for knowledge and wisdom, trying to understand the underlying principles of life that continue to elude the younger generation.

They strive to find an internal joy born from developing their skills or finding a sense of purpose in life. Separating boys from grounded men is thus easy because of the varying value systems each group adheres to; one chasing after immediate gratification while the other puts in hard work for long-term rewards.

#5 – Boys Let Other People Steer their Lives. Men Are Self Reliant

Boys let other people control their lives, letting them make decisions for them and dependent on what others think is best. Men take the initiative to lead their own lives, relying on themselves as opposed to following cues from those around them. Separating boys from grounded men relies on this inner courage-confidence to stay steadfast in walking one’s path and ignoring the temptation to stray away.

By challenging what is easy and comfortable, men are able to live with autonomy, independently making life-affecting choices without second guessing themselves or fearing judgment from outside sources. Self-reliance requires that a man understand himself first before trying to impact the world around him; only then can he reach his potential – both personally and professionally – with strength and certainty.

8 Habits that Separate Boys from Grounded Men

#6 – Boys Use Women for Validation. Men Seek Out Women to Share Experiences

Separating boys from grounded men isn’t done by their age but rather how they perceive seeking validation from women. Boys often expect women to validate them so deeply that it ends up in one-sided relationships where the woman is more invested than the boy. On the other hand, grounded men seek willing partners to share experiences with, building relationships that are healthy for both parties involved.

While boys may think connecting with a woman simply means having her as part of their social circle, ground men understand that deep connections require physical and emotional investment into one another. Women trying to weed out boys from grounded men should keep an eye out for those who want to connect for more than just looks and status.

#7 – Boys Blame Others. Men Take Full Responsibility

Boys playing the blame game is an age-old phenomenon. It has become so normal that it is barely ever noticed and rarely discouraged. But from boys, grounded men separate themselves by owning their mistakes and taking full responsibility for their actions. Instead of deflecting or denying, they accept their mistakes with dignity, maturity, and a willingness to learn. This reinforces self-respect, and dignity and boosts self-confidence which translates into life successes more than anything else.

Boys blaming others only teaches them how to avoid accountability which encourages unnecessary conflicts and denies opportunities for personal growth. On the other hand, men taking responsibility for their own behavior despite accusations or discomfort of any kind sets examples for others and inspires confidence in the self as well as in others around them. In a nutshell, accountability is key to becoming a mature man who knows how to turn every mistake into an opportunity for professional success as well as overall personal development.

8 Habits that Separate Boys from Grounded Men

#8 – Boys Are Controlled by their Sex Drives, Men Are Not

Separating boys from grounded men begins with understanding that their motivations and behaviors differ significantly when it comes to their sex drives. Boys allow their primal urges to control them, exposing them to dangerous and reckless behavior. This is contrasted with men, who know how to remain disciplined even when facing temptation. While some men may struggle with controlling their drive, they ultimately understand themselves enough to adapt and take better care of themselves emotionally and physically.

By demonstrating a sense of discernment between bodily urges and thoughtful behaviors, men have developed the tools necessary for creating lasting relationships rooted in respect, honesty, and trustworthiness. Separating boys from grounded men puts into perspective that sex doesn’t just come down to a boy’s uncontrollable desires; it also involves an informed decision-making process guided by respect.


As we explore how to separate boys from grounded men, it becomes clear that the journey is marked by intentional choices and behaviors. Embracing these 8 habits not only distinguishes boys from grounded men but also sets a foundation for mature, responsible living. How to separate boys from grounded men? It starts with commitment to personal growth and understanding the value of responsibility, communication, and resilience. For anyone seeking to bridge this gap, remember, how to separate boys from grounded men is a continuous process of self-reflection and improvement. Let’s embody these habits and inspire those around us to do the same.

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