Seriously, I love leather belts. You’re not stuck with the old color choices anymore.

It seems you can find whatever design you want in whatever color. I prefer leather for its quality and ability to last years. Once broken in they provide the perfect comfort.

When you’re shopping for leather belts for men, I’ve curated a list of different styles to help you pick out the perfect ones for you. They are easy to match whatever outfit you need. Dress it up or dress it down, leather is extremely versatile, then you can click here to visit site.

5 Style Versus Style Tips to Consider When Shopping Leather Belts for Men

Go through these easy five tips and you’ll know exactly which belts you want to go with for which outfit. To see examples of the styles below, click here to visit

1) Snap Belts Versus Stationary Buckle

Before getting into the other stylings you can find in leather belts, I think it’s important you decide if you’re looking for a belt that comes with an attached buckle or not. Snap belts don’t have a buckle, which allows you to attach the buckle of your choice onto the belt. For those who appreciate a good buckle, a snap leather belt is the way to go.

2) Designs On Your Belt Versus No Design

Now you can get fancy with the designs on your leather belt as you want. There are printed leather belts that have very intricate scenes or patterns on them. Tons of color options. From Western-themed to Southern-themed and all prints in between. You can find a design that matches your style

3) Smooth Leather Belts Versus Textured

Of course formal wear looks best with smooth belts, but other than that you can really do whatever you want in regards to texture on your belt. It’s a great little way to accent your belt and show a little flare.

4) Braided Versus One Piece Leather

If you’re looking for a really unique style, you can go with a braided leather belt. Strands twisting in and out of each other, these have such a cool look to them. I would consider them a go-to if you’re looking for something different. Usually you can find them in a range of colors.

5) Normal Versus Traditional Colors

Nowadays you can find a leather belt in whatever color you want. Traditionally we’ve seen a lot of black, browns, and tans. Now you see white and multicolor leather belts. It is important to note that when you choose a unique color, there might be some interesting processing techniques to get that color. If you need something more natural, stick with just plain leather undoctored.

The Multifaceted Leather Belt

Now you know, leather belts for men are not just for dress outfits. There are so many different styles you can really compliment your look however you want. Pick a color, pick a look, and you’re on your way to matching your outfit. Just don’t forget to match your shoes! This can be to your style and liking, but take a moment to pick what feels best for you.

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