Family photos are a fantastic way to capture your family bond and create lifelong memories that you can hang in your home. From laughing candid photos to posed family shots, these pictures can truly portray the love and connection between family members.

But preparing for a professional family photo shoot can feel overwhelming. If it’s your first time booking a photo session, you may be unsure what to wear, what the best location is, and how to ensure you end up with the best photos possible.

Luckily, the photographer is there to guide you through the entire process and help you and your family achieve the family photos you’ve always dreamed of. And if you’re looking for an Orange County Family Photographer, it’s always a good idea to have a few general ideas of styles and locations that might work for your family.

Here’s your guide to some styles and ideas to consider for your family photo session.

Candid and Relaxed Beach Photos

When you’re working with an Orange County Family Photographer, you’re spoiled for beach locations within the region. And with scenic views, natural lighting, and a relaxing and calming environment, these beaches can be the perfect backdrop for a professional family photoshoot.

While seasoned photographers will have plenty of experience working with energetic kids and wriggling toddlers, a professional photo session can still be an overwhelming experience for children. A beach photoshoot will help keep the entire day light, fun, and relaxing.

The entire family will have so much fun playing in the sand or strolling along the water for photos, so this is a fantastic idea if you want more candid and laid-back photos. Flowy, neutral clothing will also pair well with this backdrop, so you might want to opt for more casual textures and outfits.

Studio Sessions

Studio sessions are a great way to capture your family in a more controlled and posed environment. These photos will end up looking authentic and professional with a more formal and neutral backdrop.

Photoshoots in the studio allow for significantly more control over the climate, background, and environment. So if you want a more elegant and posed experience, a studio session is a great choice.

Be sure to coordinate outfits and try to stick with a complimentary color palette. The controlled climate also allows you to dress as formal or informal as you would like, so you can truly make your photoshoot visions come to life.

Park or Garden Sessions

Relaxed outdoor locations such as parks or gardens allow so many options when it comes to the dress and style of your photoshoot. Stunning and colorful floral backdrops or lush green grass provide the perfect setup for some fun and authentic family photos.

These outdoor sessions offer lots of flexibility when it comes to candid or posed pictures. You can keep the day playful and relaxed with a family picnic in the park or go with a more formal botanical theme and look to match the bright, outdoorsy environment.

Getting Started With an Orange County Family Photographer

While these are just a few ideas to get you started, the right photographer will help walk you through the process, get to know your family, and help you choose a location and style that will meet all your needs and wants.

Reach out today to book a session and create lasting memories during your family photoshoot!

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