In our recent post entitled 16 Top-Rated Resorts in Thailand for a Luxurious Getaway, we covered some of the best and most luxurious places in Thailand to visit for your next vacation. However, if you’re thinking of staying closer to home, then we’ve got the perfect follow-up article. We’re going to the Nevada desert, and for those who enjoy luxury, we’re suggesting some vacation locations right here for you.

Las Vegas is known for being a city that caters to opulence and lavishness, as it houses some of the world’s most luxurious casinos and hotels. It’s one of the few places in the world where dinner can cost $500 per head at Joël Robuchon Restaurant, and a villa at Nobu Hotel can cost up to $35,000 per night. If you’re planning to pay a visit to this city, and if the prices just mentioned don’t fit into your budget, don’t fret!

The City of Entertainment has thousands of luxurious rooms to choose from. The best part is the starting prices of these luxury hotels are much more affordable and not as outrageous as you might expect. We’ve done some research for you, and here are four of the best luxury spots in Las Vegas.

Four Luxury Spots in Las Vegas You Want to Know

#1 – Aria

Located in the center of the Las Vegas Strip, Aria is a beautiful hotel-casino that stands out as the glittering curvilinear centerpiece of the City Center complex. It’s a mega-resort with over 4,000 luxury rooms, 16 delicious restaurants, and a gigantic 150,000-square-foot casino. The rooms are completely modernized with a one-touch smart room control system for dimming the lights, opening curtains, and much more – all from an in-room tablet! The casino floor has all the table games available, from poker, blackjack, and craps to roulette. When you’re ready for luxury shopping, pay a visit to The Shops at Crystals and check out luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Prada, among others. A hotel room with all of these perks can start as low as $129 per night!

Four Luxury Spots in Las Vegas You Want to Know

#2 – Bellagio

One of the most iconic spots on the Strip for luxury is the Bellagio, possibly because the property has been featured in movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Thirteen. Aside from being famous for films, Bellagio has one of the best Las Vegas poker rooms, so you can play the night away with the great and the good from the poker world if you so desire. When you want a break from all the action of the casino, take a stroll around the Bellagio fountains and enjoy the water show dancing to music. It’s absolutely free and will surely amaze your senses! A night at the Bellagio can start from as low as $144.

Four Luxury Spots in Las Vegas You Want to Know

#3 – Wynn

The Wynn is one of the best spots on the Strip known for its extreme opulence and world-class amenities. The property features award-winning restaurants, like SW Steakhouse, Lakeside, and Sinatra, which are guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s appetite. The nightlife at Wynn is the epitome of luxury, with nightclubs like XS, where guests can enjoy a drink and dance surrounding Encore’s European pool. There are poolside cabanas, bars, and even poker tables within the club property, just in case you want to play a few hands if you get tired from dancing. A hotel room at Wynn Las Vegas can go as low as $195 per night.

#4 – Cosmopolitan

Located right in the heart of the Strip, the Cosmopolitan is known for its cutting-edge design and chic style. If you’re looking for a high-energy environment, this place is for you! The casino floor is surrounded by hotel bars where guests can enjoy drinks and dance the night away while in a buzzing entertainment scene. The Cosmopolitan has some of the most coveted rooms on the Strip – 20-plus suites known as the Boulevard Penthouses – they’re literally priceless as the only way to stay in them is by receiving a special invitation. We can’t say anymore, but if you’re interested, ask their management about the details. You can also look out for promos and be in a stylish room for as low as $120 per night.


Las Vegas is known for many things, especially style, luxury and opulence. While some things can get outrageously expensive, enjoying the best luxury spots in Las Vegas doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Check out these places we’ve mentioned, and experience the best luxury of Vegas!

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