Quit being boring! Don’t do the same ol’ Los Angeles trip. In a town like this, you need to stand out against the crowd. That’s when the interesting things will start to happen.

One easy thing you can do is ditch the boring rental. Over-hyped sports cars won’t do the trick either. There’s no way you’re going to be able to rent one that’s going to be part of the “top 10 of the road” that night.

Last year when I was out there I looked up classic car rental Los Angeles. It did not disappoint.

My Top Choices for Classic Car Rental Los Angeles

After the wild time I had on the first classic ride out, each time I’ve gone back I’ve decided to go the classic car route. Here’s my top choices:

1) Rolling with the Top Down on a Slick Cadillac DeVille

This car is bad. I feel like a completely different person when I drive it through Los Angeles. Looking the part, feeling the part, and man do people love that car. I’ve rented it three times now because of what a conversation starter it is.

I’ve really enjoyed the 1970 DeVille with its exaggerated body and strong design elements. There’s one that’s black with a red leather interior I’ve rented twice now. Both times left me with a story you wouldn’t believe unless you were there.

2) GTSI for When I Want to Be Loud, Fast, and in Your Face

Really, I’m this close to just buying an ‘82 Ferrari 308 GTSI. These cars remind me of growing up in the 80’s, and the people who enjoy this car seem to speak my language. Whoever I’m with, we start blasting something like Quiet Riot and let the day take us from there.

Explore Los Angeles In Style With a Classic Car Rental

3) Another Convertible Drive with the Speedster Replica

When I’m wanting a more intimate car setting, I’d recommend the Porsche Speedster Replica, preferably 1956-57. This convertible is cozy, allowing you to run off and have intimate conversations with someone you want to get to know a little better. Definitely a “whisk you away” car versus a flashy come get me look.

4) Cruising the Town with a Teal Green Mercury Monterey

Show stopping, the Mercury Monterey is a classic car you need to drive at least once before you die. I’ve driven a 1953 flathead V8 and it is so smooth. If you can find a sweet color like I did, people will almost stop you as you drive to talk about it. Owners of the older cars tend to be very cautious when renting. So be respectful when you reach out.

The Trip You’ll Never Forget

Eye catching with sex appeal, it’s easy to see how these beauties can amplify your trip. Just take a look for classic car rental los angeles and see what’s out there. There’s so many classic styles to dress up your L.A. night however you want. Make sure you bring some of your own style and swagger to match the look of your car.

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