Choosing to go to rehab is a brave step towards lasting recovery to any addiction a person may be going through. Finding the right rehab center for specific addictions takes time and research to ensure that the facilities align with your needs. Check out this full how-to guide to choosing the right rehab clinic.

Decide Your Course of Treatment

Depending on the addiction you are struggling with, certain rehab facilities offer catered help for specific addictions. For example, those with an alcohol addiction are better suited to living in a facility that houses other people with alcoholism so that they can relate to each other and work on recovery together. 

You may also consider rehab facilities that offer alternative medicine practices as opposed to traditional medical methods. Treatments like meditation, mindfulness, and even acupuncture are offered at many rehab clinics as alternatives to more intense treatments. Depending on the degree of your addiction and what you are addicted to, you may require a hybrid approach with both traditional and alternative medicine playing a role in your recovery.

Choosing the Right Rehab Clinic: A Full How-to Guide

Research Treatment Centers

Once you know what kind of treatment you would like, it is time to find the perfect facility to start your journey of recovery. Depending on the person, they may want to recover against the backdrop of mountains in rehab in Montana or Colorado, while others prefer a tropical setting where they can find the best rehabs in Florida that offer warm weather year-round. When choosing a location, consider what kind of weather makes you happy and what kind of setting makes you feel at ease and safe. 

When researching different clinics, look at each of their online profiles for an in-depth description of the services each one offers. Make a list of requirements you have for the perfect clinic and find which ones match your list. It is important to define your goals and needs before going into any rehab clinic or else you will not have a solid motivation to complete your time there. Also, take some time to read the reviews of past patients to see how the rehab clinic helped them and how they felt after leaving. This can help you gauge what you will get out of the experience.

Different treatment centers offer different services. For example, some allow you to check yourself in and tell you that you can leave at any time of your own volition whereas others do not let you leave unless you have completed certain requirements. The latter kind of rehab clinic usually has stricter policies because they have patients who are court-ordered to be there due to actions they took while under the influence of their addiction. No matter what kind of facility you choose, you are only going to recover if you want to. 

Consult Professionals

Before entering a rehab clinic, you should speak with your primary physician, therapist, and any other professionals in your life who have been with you through your addiction. If you reached a point in your struggle where you encountered yourself in an intervention, then these professionals may have been a part of that. Your doctor or therapist will likely know other doctors who run rehab clinics across the country and can connect you with them. If you do not have a therapist already, you will likely begin to speak with one while inside rehab to help you work through your history of addiction in a healthy and productive way. 

Other people who can help you make this life-changing decision are family members. In many cases, addiction is a hereditary disease, meaning that you may not be the only person in your family who has struggled with the disease. Family members who are in recovery may reach out to you at this time to help you choose a rehab clinic that is similar to the ones that they have been to in the past. 

Do In-person Visits of Different Facilities

After narrowing down a list of your top rehab facilities, you should do guided visits at each place to get a feel for how you would do there. It is one thing to look at photos of a facility and quite another to actually go there, and meet the doctors, nurses, and potential fellow patients to see if it is a good fit for you. 

Going in person can also give you the space to ask more private questions about your needs. You can see if there are therapists that specialize in your type of addiction and explore the rooming situation. You can also observe different activities in real-time to see if they interest you, but the most important thing to consider is if the environment aids in your recovery.  

Check Insurance Coverage

Before making a final decision about a rehab clinic, it is important to see if your health insurance covers some or all of the costs of your stay there. Everyone has heard about extravagant rehab facilities that have high daily fees, but not everyone can afford those types of places. Many good rehab centers are affordable and covered at least partially by insurance. If you are worried about the cost, then this may be the most important factor in your decision process.

Work with Loved Ones to Plan Your Transition

Choosing the right rehab clinic is very important for your recovery, but making a plan for your release is almost just as important. If you have reached rock bottom and are entering the clinic because it is your last resort, then you likely do not have much to go back to, maybe not even a place to go. After being in rehab for a while and getting used to the daily routines, it is hard to leave and continue those good habits. This is why working with family members and close friends on a transition plan after rehab is so important. Make sure that you have a roof over your head and a plan to get a job so that you do not fall back into old bad habits.

There are many good rehab clinics out there for people who need them, but it is up to you to determine your needs, tour the facilities, take the process seriously, and start your journey of recovery.

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