Picking out the wrong workout machine can be a drag. Returning them is difficult and trying to use ill-fitting equipment can be more harmful than helpful. However, you can take some time to list out what you want to make your shopping experience better. It helps when you have a focus before you start.

When shopping for an elliptical machine last year, I did a lot of research. There are some crazy new things on ellipticals like wifi and even wireless charging. Some things have become standard like built-in heart rate monitors. Really though, you can find a good machine by keeping a few things in mind.

Here’s what I’ve found that should help you on your buying journey:

Find the Elliptical Machine You Can Customize to Your Liking

Before you start shopping, take a moment to write down everything you’re looking for in an elliptical machine. This includes if you want to be able to move or adjust a certain part of the equipment. What can this include? Here’s what I’ve found:

  • Different Levels of Incline: When you’re looking to have the ability to change how difficult your journey is quickly, an adjustable incline is a great feature to look for. You’re able to increase the strength and quickness of your legs.
  • Handlebars for Total Body: Most ellipticals have handles for your arms. When you put effort into using those bars, you get muscles in your upper and lower body engaged all at once. Toned everywhere!
  • Moveable Foot Pedals: Everybody has different feet and we all carry a different stance. Finding a machine that can adjust where the foot pedals sit can make a huge difference in whether or not you’ll use it.
  • The Perfect Stride: You can even find equipment that allows you to find the exact stride length that matches your natural motion. Sure regular ellipticals are low-impact, but when you can put a safety distance on to avoid overstretching you’re really working out safely. Your joints will rejoice!

Don’t Get a Loud Flimsy Machine That You’ll End Up Hating

Find something that’s sleek and built with good solid materials. You also want to know that the elliptical machine you’re considering getting is quiet. During your session the whole point is to get lost in bettering yourself. If you’re constantly thinking about your gear falling over you’ll be distracted from what’s important. Also, you don’t need to worry that the machine is going to fall over while you’re using it. Ellipticals need to be secure and grounded to provide optimal benefits.

Quality and Customization is the Way to Go

Now you can see how easy it is to find a good elliptical machine. Just take some time to write down what you want before you look. That way you are focused on the customization you want and don’t get caught up in a machine that really isn’t a good match. Once you find the right one that fits what you’re looking to do workout wise, you’ll be amazed at how fast you see improvements.

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