Did you know some people believe trees have souls just like us. They’re just beings who wanted to experience life on Mother Earth rooted in one place. I was thinking if this was the case, wouldn’t it be truly wonderful if we planted a tree each time a loved one passed?

When losing a dearly loved soul, bringing the soul of a tree into the world can act as A Living Tribute to that person. By doing a memorial tree planting, you make their life timeless and meaningful even after death. It’s also appreciated that you contribute to the environment in their name too.

A Living Tribute, Honoring One’s Memory

During the passing of someone you love, it is nice to find ways to honor their memory and find things that hold the most sentimental value. Planting a tree in their name is a special way to do so. It is a sign of appreciation and respect, and can hold memories that remind you what that person was like, and your past experiences together.

This tribute can make the end of one’s life the beginning of another, and in a sense give that person an undying will. As someone’s soul passes on to the afterlife, it is comforting to know that a new soul is born in this life. A tree planted this way can connect you and many others to the deceased.

Celebrating Lives Through The Planting Of Memorial Trees

Memorial Tree Planting Contributes to the Environment

On top of the generous action of honoring a loved one’s life, you can also expect this to benefit nature and wildlife. Programs that participate in this practice aim to help promote cleaning and making a healthier environment. The trees planted are part of a reforestation effort in many locations.

Forests are essential for life in many biomes, contributing to this cause will allow for species living in them to thrive, along with helping restore biodiversity in the ecosystem. Having an abundance of trees in general is essential to purifying the very air we breathe, as they can absorb pollutant gasses.

This can also help with climate change as they also breathe carbon dioxide and convert it to pure oxygen regulating the atmosphere. Planting trees also maintains land and prevents harsh soils from being pushed around during storms and floods, and they can also filter and absorb polluted water.

How to Plant Your Tree

If you decide that you want to plant a tree to honor a loved one, you should consider going online and finding an eco-friendly company that does these services for you. When finding one be sure to consider the prices and different deals being offered. A memorial deal will commemorate you with a proof of purchase, along with planting a large number of trees in your desired location. These businesses offer the option to plant your trees in many different locations from all across America where reforestation is needed.

In Conclusion

While tragic, the passing of someone you love is an opportunity to appreciate them, and give back to nature. Memorial tree planting is a meaningful act bringing life to the world as their soul ascends to the afterlife. By doing so you are memorializing your loved one, while contributing to the environment in their name.

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