There has been a recent shift in the business world. Women are no longer content with playing second fiddle to their male counterparts. Increasingly, women are stepping up and claiming their place at the top of the corporate ladder. This trend is often referred to as “the rise of the alpha female.” So what does it take to be successful in business and life as an alpha female? Read on for tips!

What is an Alpha Female?

Before we can discuss how to be successful as an alpha female, we must first define what an alpha female is. An alpha female is a woman who is assertive, successful, independent, and goal-oriented. Such women can be found in all walks of life; from corporate boardrooms to classrooms to online entrepreneurs. They are confident in their knowledge and ideas and have the drive and determination to make them happen. Alpha females have no need for validation or approval from those around them; instead, they engage the world with their empowered presence and strength of character. These powerful women know what they want, take charge of their lives, and do not allow anything to stand in their way.

Top 9 Traits of an Alpha Female

Now that we’ve established who an alpha female is, let’s look at some of the most important traits that make up this incredible woman.

#1 – Confidence

Alpha females possess an air of confidence that cannot be denied. They are self-assured and strongly believe in themselves and their capabilities. This confidence is not just internal either; they know how to demonstrate this trait to others with strong body language, eye contact, and persuasive speech. It is a powerful trait that affects the alpha female’s life in many positive ways, by helping her take risks, create successful endeavors, and foster meaningful connections with the people around her. With unwavering self-assurance, alpha females are able to exude a sense of power that allows them to become great leaders in any environment.

#2 – Independent

The alpha female knows how to take charge and make decisions for herself, independent of others’ opinions or input. She commands respect with her independent spirit and is willing to go against the grain when necessary. By relying on their own wit, charm, and intelligence, they are unafraid to push boundaries and take initiative when it comes to steering their own destinies. This is one of the most inspiring traits an alpha female can possess: autonomy and self-assurance that she has what it takes to achieve success—without any help from anyone else.

#3 – Strong Leadership Skills

Alpha females possess a unique set of traits that make them ideal candidates for leadership roles. Among these is a strong sense of self, manifesting in their assertiveness. This trait allows alpha females to confidently introduce ideas, delegate tasks, and take ownership of projects they are managing. Further, they have the capability to think critically and make well-informed decisions quickly. By understanding their team’s needs and proactively taking steps to address them, alpha females create an atmosphere where progress can be made efficiently. Finally, alpha females excel by inspiring those around them; uplifting conversations and collaborative sessions often develop out of alpha females’ natural ability to motivate people. It is these impressive traits that make them some of the best leaders around.

The Rise of the Alpha Female: How to Succeed in Business and Life

#4 – Decisiveness

Being decisive is often seen as an alpha female trait – someone who can take a situation into their own hands and make well-thought-out decisions confidently and quickly. Being decisive means that you evaluate the situation at hand, identify what needs to be done, and move ahead with action right away – taking into account all possible outcomes before making your decision. It requires that one be both highly proactive and considerate when making choices, looking out for the greater good while not being afraid to take risks. Decisiveness is often a skill developed over time: reflection on why decisions went right or wrong can lead to more sound and successful choices in the future.

#5 – Emotional Intelligence

Alpha females display a unique combination of traits that make them effective leaders. They are driven, and determined and remain focused on their goals. But they can also be compassionate and in tune with their own emotions and those of others, allowing them to effectively lead teams and make sound decisions. Emotional intelligence is an important alpha female trait that helps to create successful outcomes. It enables them to understand not just what needs to be done but how it will affect those involved, resulting in better management of their teams and projects. The ability to understand the moods within their teams is a critical factor for alpha females in driving successful growth for businesses as well as positive results for all stakeholders.

#6 – Ambition

Alpha females are unique in that they have natural drive and ambition. According to research conducted by the National Center for Women in Technology, alpha female traits include qualities such as decisiveness, self-confidence and assertiveness. These alpha women are able to break through glass ceilings and reach levels of success unimaginable years ago. They are also often seen setting goals higher than those of their peers, challenging themselves to take on more responsibility or facing a difficult task that others may shy away from. Alpha females trust their own abilities, taking risks that can increase the chances of achieving their ambitions. In this way, they are especially driven to achieve success and the satisfaction of reaching new goals is well worth the effort for these hardworking women.

The Rise of the Alpha Female: How to Succeed in Business and Life

#7 – Resilience

Alpha females possess a multitude of admirable qualities that allow them to navigate life’s setbacks with resilience. They are confident and independent, allowing them to assess a problem objectively and work towards a solution without feeling victimized by their hardships. And they also have an unyielding faith in their abilities, making it easier for them to persist in the face of adversity and persevere toward success. They take initiative when others might hesitate, and seek positive solutions rather than wallowing in debilitating self-pity. Alpha females understand that some battles can be won through sheer determination alone – resilience is just part of their character.

#8 – Authenticity

Alpha females are reliable role models in today’s society; they show young women everywhere the power of being their authentic selves. Alpha females are unapologetic, determined, and driven individuals who exude confidence and inner strength. They don’t make any apologies for who they are or what they want out of life, never allowing anyone to compromise their values. These traits demonstrate just how beneficial it is to stay true to oneself and never shy away from having a distinct personality. Not only do alpha females lead by example, but their unique sense of self-awareness encourages those around them to take chances and invite new opportunities into their lives.

#9 – Intelligence

Alpha females are the epitome of intelligence and an exemplary example of mental sharpness. They possess a level of knowledge that enables them to evaluate and comprehend things quickly. Moreover, they have the ability to solve problems with great resourcefulness as well as come up with unique solutions. This makes them suitable for leadership roles since they can make wise decisions without being influenced by external factors. Alpha females are well-informed on nearly any topic and their intellectual superiority provides invaluable insight into situations that anyone in their presence is sure to benefit from.

The Rise of the Alpha Female: How to Succeed in Business and Life

How to Be Successful As an Alpha Female?

Being an alpha female is a powerful and freeing experience. To be successful in this role, it is important to recognize your own strengths and use them to your advantage. Developing self-confidence is key—believing in yourself and knowing that you have the skills and capabilities to overcome any challenges that may come up. Additionally, setting smart goals and taking small steps down the path to success will help you reach all of your objectives—no matter how big or small. A successful alpha female also has strong mentors and relationships with other women who can help her build her network, grow professionally, and offer support along the way. Embracing a positive attitude and staying true to yourself are also essential components of successful alpha femaleness. With these practices in place, being an alpha female can be a source of great strength and accomplishment!


As the world changes, so too must we change the way we think about success. No longer is a success only defined by traditional measures such as power and money. Instead, success is a more personal measure that includes things like happiness, fulfillment, and making a positive impact on others. The rise of the alpha female is proof that women can succeed in business and life on their own terms. If you’re looking to achieve success in your own life, remember that you define what success looks like for you. Set your goals high and don’t be afraid to go after them with everything you’ve got. You might just surprise yourself at how far you can go.

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