Buying jewelry or accessories, in general, can be exciting and fun, but good decision-making during the purchase is crucial as it likely involves a considerable investment. So to not let that investment be for nothing, certain mistakes are often made by people looking to buy some lovely jewelry that you should definitely avoid and hopefully not regret forking over your hard-earned money. Luckily for you, this little guide is aimed at exactly that, letting you know about a few common mistakes many people make so you can not make them and do the smart thing instead. So with all that out of the way, let’s get into it.

Not Doing Research

This is a mistake you should avoid concerning anything you are about to do or are interested in. Not doing any research before even thinking of buying something is not that smart. Before you head out to get some jewelry from Rokshok, make sure you educate yourself on the different types of jewelry, such as silver, gold, and platinum, the different kinds of gemstones, how to properly care for them, and so on. Additionally, make sure you do a little research about the overall reputation of the store or jeweler you are considering buying from to ensure they are trustworthy and reputable. Check online, read reviews, or ask family and friends if they have any prior experience with them. Check how long the jeweler has been in business and what their reputation is like. 

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Jewelry

Doing Everything Alone

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a retailer or jeweler just because you are too shy or don’t want to seem annoying or, more likely, ignorant or unknowledgeable, because everyone is when it comes to this stuff. None of those things are actually true, and they certainly should not matter when this much money and time is invested. Asking questions can give you the knowledge and information you need before you are confident enough to complete the sale. It also saves you from the stress and hassle of finding out certain things about a piece after you have already bought it. For example, you did not ask the retailer if it was okay to wear the gold ring in the shower, and now its gold layer is wearing off and its luster is fading. A frustrating situation that could have easily been avoided if you’d asked the retailer beforehand. 

Laser-focusing on the Price

There is no such thing as cheap quality jewelry; that is just a fact, so one of the biggest mistakes you can make is laser-focusing on the price, while the best kind of jewelry often comes attached to a hefty price tag. Now, times are changing, and you can find a lot of more affordable and great pieces now, but even those will not be cheap, so do not let the prices give you tunnel vision. Do not assume that an expensive diamond is automatically a good diamond, but use the research you have hopefully done before to find jewelry that is high-quality and at reasonable prices. You should not go looking for the lowest possible prices either. Especially if you browse online jewelry stores, you will find great jewelry pieces at the most price ranges, and you are sure to find something that is perfect for you both as a statement piece and also from the price point of view. 

Not Cleaning Your Jewelry

This has less to do with the purchasing process and more with maintenance, but not remembering or not even knowing that you have to clean and maintain your jewelry is a big mistake that can lead to some seriously frustrating results, and it can be all too easy to miss the build-up of general tarnish and grime, but you had better believe that it is there and noticeable to others. After all, you wear your jewelry against your skin and clothing for long periods while doing all sorts of activities, so of course it is going to need cleaning from time to time just as your clothes do. It is recommended to schedule a thorough cleaning of your jewelry at least twice a year, or maybe more often depending on how you wear and store your pieces and whether you live in a more humid location or not. 

Not Knowing Your Budget

Just as you should not be obsessed and super focused on the pricing, you also should not be completely unaware and ignorant of your own budget. Yes, quality jewelry is never cheap, but how are you supposed to know whether you can realistically afford a piece of jewelry if you don’t even know your budget? So, once you have completed your research, you should be informed enough to set a realistic budget that will not leave you bankrupt, and it will be easier for you to know which pieces are best suited for you. This is also useful if you plan to buy a piece as a gift for a loved one or a friend. 

Not Reading The Fine Print

This is a big problem most people have with everything that involves fine print; not reading it. Whether you are buying online or at an actual store, you have to make sure you know the details of the store’s policies and the purchase, because anything can happen, such as the clasp breaking or a stone falling out only a few days after you have bought it. If you do not read the store’s return policy, you may not even be aware that you cannot get your money back, so again, make sure you check the jeweler’s refund, return, and exchange policies before you buy anything. 

Whether you are considering getting some jewelry for yourself, as a present to a loved one, or a friend or family member, the same basic rules apply, and the same mistakes can be completely forgotten in the hectic process. Make sure you don’t, as you can save a lot of time, stress, and money if you just stick to the basics.

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