Located at the edge of central London, Kings Cross Station is one of the biggest train terminus locations in the UK. This train station offers you connections to the East Coast Main Line and also the North East England Line toward Scotland. This station has been open since 1852, and it was created in tandem with the completion of the East Coast Main Line.

The area around the station was refurbished in recent years, helping to minimize the seedier part of the city that had grown up around the station. Today, there are many people who come to Kings Cross Station due to its connection to the Harry Potter books and films. The fictional platform 9 ¾ is located here, and people come here in large numbers to see the marker giving tribute to the platform that was so important to the books.

Before you do anything else when you get to Kings Cross Station, you will want to store your bags safely so that you don’t have to worry about them. Then, start with a good meal!

Places That You Will Want to Eat Near Kings Cross Station

Sushi on Jones

For those who love sushi, few places in the UK are as ideal for enjoying it as Sushi on Jones. New Yorkers will already be familiar with what this site has to offer, as this sister restaurant to the New York favorite is just as good. You will get access to 12 courses for a flat rate, and you can enjoy drink pairings with each course of your meal if you want. This is a real dining experience as well since part of what you eat will be prepared right at your table.

The service here is excellent, and the experience is totally unique to anything that you will find at other sushi spots. This is one of the most ideal places to head for a fancy meal, and you will love how affordable this restaurant is.

The German Gymnasium

If you want to have a filling meal and enjoy a delicious pint, head to The German Gymnasium. They have all kinds of traditional German menu offerings here as well as fusion dishes and pub food classics. Get a schnitzel and a warm beer and feel transported to Germany in an instant. The service is great, and you will love the ambiance here, which is so delightfully European.

You will be close to many of the best things to do in the area of Kings Cross Station when you eat here, which can also make a strong argument for this choice. Make sure to make a reservation here for dinner service, as this spot can be quite popular.

Merkato Restaurant London

Merkato Restaurant London is a low-key and trendy location that offers excellent fusion foods as well as Indian and Ethiopian classics. You will be able to get your meal with the right amount of spice, and you can also get a variety of vegetarian dishes off the menu here as well. If you love fried food, this is a great place to enjoy classic fried foods from various countries.

There are also gluten-free menu options, and you should let your server know that you need to stick to this preference. This is a great place to discover new foods that you have never tried, and you’re sure to love everything about eating here.

5 Tasty Places to Eat Near Kings Cross Station

Beer and Burger Store Kings Cross

For those who get off the train ready for a big and hearty meal, Beer and Burger Store is the right restaurant to pick. This stop is right by Kings Cross Station, and they will delight you with all kinds of local craft beers as well as stouts, ales, and Guinness. The burgers are huge, filling, and messy, and you can’t beat the delicious fresh fries (call them chips here)  that are served with each meal. If you love decadent burgers, be sure to get the sloppy Joe burger here.

This is a great place to bring kids and those who love American food, and you will definitely need to visit with a big appetite since the portions are so large. The bottom line is that from the restaurant’s name, you know exactly what you’re getting here.

Caravan Granary Square

If you need access to all-day dining, Caravan Granary Square has you covered. You can head here for any meal of the day, as well as for great coffee. They make some tasty things like pork schnitzel with a fried egg, and you will love having access to kefir and bar drinks, and everything in between. This is a super convenient spot no matter what time of day your train arrives.

The bar here is pretty new, but they offer a wide array of cocktail options as well if you want to just drop in and have a nightcap or a midday drink and a chat with a friend.

5 Tasty Places to Eat Near Kings Cross Station

Eating Near Kings Cross Station is Easy

There are so many great places to eat near Kings Cross Station, and you will never go hungry, no matter what time of the day you arrive at the station. You will be able to find breakfast, lunch, or dinner with ease in this area, and there are various different kinds of food on offer, from fusion dining to British classics to pub fare.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to sit down for a full meal, there are also coffee shops and fast food options near this station to enjoy. Make sure that you always allow a few extra minutes to get out of the station and on to your next adventure, as it can be quite busy inside Kings Cross Station, particularly during commuting hours. If you are heading out to see historical sites or you want to have your hands free to make it easier to walk around, make sure you store your luggage at a luggage storage facility near Kings Cross Station as soon as you arrive.

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