Without a doubt, a good condition of the roof is an obligation for any homeowner; it saves your home and at the same time, it contributes to energy efficiency and the beauty of your property. While some of the signs warning that you may have damage to your roof may indeed be pretty obvious, others may be not so conspicuous, and being aware of when to call in the professionals can save you from facing bigger and more expensive repairs down the line.

Sometimes relatively small problems, when left untreated, grow into bigger ones. Roofing systems also require maintenance and even repairs over time. Maintaining and repairing the roof is really important to extend its life and avoid a damp, unsafe house.

Below are five clear indicators that it’s time to contact a roof repair company.

1. Visible Roof Damage

Heavy discordance or growth, such as moss and mold, shows an assured problem that is very likely to cause damage to the roof structure underneath the roofing sheets/shingles. In addition, any visible sign of damage—e.g. missing, cracked, or even curling shingles—often means that the integrity of your roof may be compromised and you need to contact a roof repair company.

2. Leaks and Water Damage

Seeing brown spots on your ceiling, noticing that it’s peeling paint, or dripping water during rainstorms are definitely red flags to let you know your ceiling has been leaking. This would eventually rot your home structure when water infiltration is allowed in, which in turn might have you incurring huge costs of repair if the roof is not fixed immediately.

3. Sagging Roof Sections

In this instance, likely, there may be some kind of structural damage, long-time water accumulation or some mechanism failure of support to the roof. This is not only an eyesore but also a critical hazard, and thus should be attended to by an expert at the earliest.

4. Increased Energy Bills

In case you have recently been slapped with an unwarranted increase in either your heating or your cooling bill, then a number of things could be the cause for it, with the roof being one of them. Poor insulation or ventilation to the roof will cause gratuitous air leakages, forcing your heating or cooling mechanism to work very hard. If you have observed a sudden increase in energy bills without any clear reason, that might just be the time for you to get the roof checked by a roof repair company.

5. Aging Roof Beyond Warranty

Every part in your home does have a specified lifetime, including your roof. Most of the roofs are designed to last up to 20-30 years, although it can vary depending on the materials and environmental conditions. If your roof is anywhere near the warranty period or, worse, it is past it, then it is more than appropriate for you to start thinking about professional inspections, and possibly even repairs or replacement. Such inspections will save time and money because the problems are discovered before they grow into major repair jobs.


In case you notice any of these signs, you do not just have to wait for the problem to get worse. Contacting a reputable company for roof repairs may help to deal effectively with the issue, ensuring your home is safe and well-protected.

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