Do you like varsity jackets for their sporty vibe, or do you love the street-style chic that comes from styling them?

Whatever your preference, varsity jackets are no less versatile than your favorite playlist. Whether you’re opting for a laid-back look for a weekend brunch or a casual vibe you want to impress with on a diner night, a varsity jacket is your ultimate companion.

Having a blend of athletic heritage and street style cool, varsity jackets are rampant in the fashion world. And why shouldn’t it be? 

It has that appealing look that cannot go unnoticed, especially with those contrasting sleeves, signature snap buttons, and letter emblem. These aren’t just ordinary details but the DNA of a style icon.

What’s more fascinating about varsity jackets is that they are spun around with contemporary fashion trends and aren’t just limited to traditional design. 

Today, you’ll find them in a variety of sleek fabrics, bold colors, patterns, and designs, which does not only scream a chic aesthetic but individuality too.

This champion jacket is undoubtedly a ‘patch’- the mark of excellence, or at least a cool way to keep your arms warm!

Want to see some cool varsity jacket outfit ideas for men? Let’s get to it then…

Types of Men’s Varsity Jackets

Are you a fan of varsity jackets but want something that fits your style and preferences? You get it!

Staying in line with current fashion, letterman jackets today are available in various fabrics, each exuding a unique vibe. Check this out:

  • Wool: A classic, textured varsity jacket
  • Leather: A sleek, edgy varsity jacket
  • Suede: A soft, luxurious varsity jacket
  • Denim: A casual, rugged varsity jacket
  • Striped: A varsity jacket with a striped pattern
  • Wool or cotton blend: A versatile, everyday varsity jacket

How to Style a Varsity Jacket: 10 Cool Ways to Flex Your Style

Letterman jackets amp up the look on a whole different level with their sporty vibe, which not only looks attractive to the eyes but cements a place in the heart, too. You wouldn’t disagree with that statement, would you? And the plus point is that they are a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe, especially when it comes to men’s varsity jackets.

You can style them in multiple ways for different occasions in these ways:

Classic Preppy:

Layer your Navy blue classic wool varsity jacket with a white polo shirt, combined with khaki chinos pants, to add a touch of sophistication to your look. This combination will project a confident and put-together image. Add a pair of loafers to complete the look. You can rock this style at business casual events or formal parties.

Streetwear Swagger:

A combination of Black leather varsity jacket layered over a graphic tee, and distressed denim cannot be underestimated. It adds an edgy, fashion-forward touch while imagining a cool, trendy look. You can wear white sneakers and flex this look on casual outings, concerts, and streetwear events.

Sporty Chic:

If you want to show off your sporty vibe, then layer a Red and white striped varsity jacket over a white sports jersey and pair it with black sweatpants. This combo will define a fun, energetic vibe while adding a dynamic touch. This look is ideal for outdoor activities, Sporting events, and casual gatherings.

Monochromatic Minimalist:

Layer a Grey wool varsity jacket with a grey hoodie to create a sleek, modern look. Add a pair of Grey sweatpants and white sneakers to align with the monochromatic scheme. It’s a stylish yet understated look that will be perfect for formal events, art exhibitions, and fashion shows.

Retro Revival:

A Brown suede varsity jacket layered over a band tee would create a 90s varsity jacket outfit, giving off a vintage, nostalgic vibe. Wear high-waisted jeans and brown boots to stay in line with the retro. If you style it on themed parties, vintage events, and music festivals, this look will project a unique, eclectic image.

Business Casual:

Go for a Charcoal grey varsity jacket with a white dress shirt and pair it over dark wash jeans. This fit combo will give your look a professional and polished touch while boosting your confident image. Opt for black loafers and flaunt them at your office meetings, client presentations, or networking events.

10 Stylish Ways to Rock a Varsity Jacket: Outfit Ideas for Men

Edgy Rebel:

Want to flex an edgy aesthetic? Wear a Black denim varsity jacket with a black tee and ripped jeans to create a bold and daring look. This blend will give off a fearless and rebellious impression if you’re headed for rock concerts, fashion shows, or art exhibitions. Don’t forget to add a pair of black boots.

Athleisure Luxe:

Sport a Navy blue varsity jacket with a white hoodie and pair them over black sweatpants for a stylish, athletic appearance. It’s a cool combo to maintain a fit and active image. Wear white sneakers with this look and rock it on at fitness events, sporty gatherings, and casual outings.

Vintage Vibes:

Headed for a formal event? Go for an Olive green varsity jacket and layer it over a white tee and high-waisted jeans to craft a timeless yet classic look. It’s a sophisticated fusion that can be complemented by brown boots. You can effortlessly style this at vintage parties.

Modern Minimalist:

A White varsity jacket with a black tee is a contemporary look that you can team up with black jeans. This fusion will give off an understated, stylish vibe at formal occasions like corporate dinners and fashion shows. Add in dress shoes to create a clean appearance.

Winding Up!

So, besides being a symbol of achievement, a varsity jacket is sure a confidence booster, too. No matter if you flaunt a brown varsity jacket outfit to a vintage vibe or just want to flex your sporty energy, you don’t have to think twice when you have a varsity jacket hanging in your closet. 

It’s chic, versatile, and definitely a conversation starter. So, whenever you wear it, be ready to intimidate your friends or enemies ;)

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